Megan&Andrew Giron

The last weekend of May, 2016 was a scorcher. With temps nearing 90 on Saturday, May 28th I photographed my first wedding of this season with a huge helping hand from KAOP. Every wedding is incredibly special but this one holds a bit of a higher spot for me because of my connection to the couple. Through family friends, Megan and I met somewhere around 2005. So much has changed since then including Megan meeting the love of her life, but the one thing that hasn't changed is the weekly hang out spot! In getting to know Andrew, I realized Megan and he were very different. Andrew's goofy personality is the perfect compliment to Megan's. I was so happy and honored to be a part of Megan and Andrew's day.  

The day started as most wedding days do with the getting ready and detail photos. I had so much fun with these.

The ceremony space was beautiful but a bit of a challenge because of the unique shape and window placement. Kelly Anne and I quickly learned this ceremony would be no walk in the park although it felt like a park with all of the beautiful summer trees surrounding the space!


Once the ceremony ended we were off to take formal portraits. For this Megan and Andrew decided on Dolce in Norwalk, CT. Some of my favorite photos from that day were made here, with the greenery, pond, barn and open field this spot really has everything you could ask for in a photo shoot location.


On to the reception!

Special thanks to Adam for letting me climb on his shoulders to take these last two photos.