Interior Photography

West End

Finally! I am happy to have recently had the chance to do some interior work. As some of you probably know, interior and architectural photography are my favorites to shoot. This project was brought to me by Rebecca Soskin. When I was first approached by Rebecca, I was immediately excited to work with her. I feel we have a very similar style when it comes to design and when you are asked to shoot what you are drawn to inherently, things just always work out. For this shoot it was off to West End Avenue in NYC. When I arrived I was more than anxious and after I learned I could potentially run into Tina Fey in the lobby I was even more on edge. Doing the initial walk through of the apartment, I found out this was not your average home. Bold patterns and loud colors throughout the space really made the rooms speak their own language. That being said, I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!