A Cut Above The Rest

The highlight of March 2016 was getting back into the studio. I had the chance to work with Hoffman Blacksmithing, a company run by Liam Hoffman, a very talented 19 year old out of North Carolina who is changing the standard when it comes to blacksmithing. Liam's hand-forged kitchen knives have full steel blades that run the length of the handle. The steel is sandwiched between exotic, hand-carved, wood handles. The rivets that hold the handle in place are extraordinary alone; solid and flush to the wood, there is no chance this blade will ever dislodge from the handle.

Returning to the studio after being away for ten months I found it challenging to get back into my usual perfectionist attitude. After arranging my first set, that feeling slowly faded and I had tunnel vision once again; it was great to be back in the zone. I had two days to photograph three of Liam's knives (plenty of time). I used the first day in the studio as a bit of a warm up. By day two, I had the shots I wanted. All that was left to do was edit...