Garavel Jeep&Subaru

After a long hiatus I'm back with new work!

If you know me personally you know I have an obsession with Jeeps and the off-road lifestyle. That being said when I was approached by Garavel Jeep and Subaru, for a complete interior and exterior shoot of their two newly renovated dealerships in Norwalk, CT, I was ecstatic. This shoot combined my love for interiors, architecture and Jeeps, what more could I ask for? Oh thats right... a 67 degree day in the middle of February to photograph the exterior of the two buildings.

With the exterior shots looking good we moved on to the interior. 

West End

Finally! I am happy to have recently had the chance to do some interior work. As some of you probably know, interior and architectural photography are my favorites to shoot. This project was brought to me by Rebecca Soskin. When I was first approached by Rebecca, I was immediately excited to work with her. I feel we have a very similar style when it comes to design and when you are asked to shoot what you are drawn to inherently, things just always work out. For this shoot it was off to West End Avenue in NYC. When I arrived I was more than anxious and after I learned I could potentially run into Tina Fey in the lobby I was even more on edge. Doing the initial walk through of the apartment, I found out this was not your average home. Bold patterns and loud colors throughout the space really made the rooms speak their own language. That being said, I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!                 

Megan&Andrew Giron

The last weekend of May, 2016 was a scorcher. With temps nearing 90 on Saturday, May 28th I photographed my first wedding of this season with a huge helping hand from KAOP. Every wedding is incredibly special but this one holds a bit of a higher spot for me because of my connection to the couple. Through family friends, Megan and I met somewhere around 2005. So much has changed since then including Megan meeting the love of her life, but the one thing that hasn't changed is the weekly hang out spot! In getting to know Andrew, I realized Megan and he were very different. Andrew's goofy personality is the perfect compliment to Megan's. I was so happy and honored to be a part of Megan and Andrew's day.  

The day started as most wedding days do with the getting ready and detail photos. I had so much fun with these.

The ceremony space was beautiful but a bit of a challenge because of the unique shape and window placement. Kelly Anne and I quickly learned this ceremony would be no walk in the park although it felt like a park with all of the beautiful summer trees surrounding the space!


Once the ceremony ended we were off to take formal portraits. For this Megan and Andrew decided on Dolce in Norwalk, CT. Some of my favorite photos from that day were made here, with the greenery, pond, barn and open field this spot really has everything you could ask for in a photo shoot location.


On to the reception!

Special thanks to Adam for letting me climb on his shoulders to take these last two photos.



Bull Terriers and Interiors

April, 2016 was a great month, no fooling! I had the pleasure of working with a new client.  Her name is Alison Kinney. Recently, with her online business doing well, she made the leap and opened her own beautiful showroom to display her great finds. Alison, the owner of AWK Design Antiques, located in Stamford, Connecticut contacted me to inquire about doing a photo shoot. The shoot was to include portraits of her two adorable bull terriers, interior photos of her showroom, as well as portraits of herself. When it came time for the photo shoot, I was incredibly excited knowing this shoot would be a lot of fun. What's better than dogs and cool furniture? (As long as the dogs are all house trained.)  By far my favorite images are the portraits of Alison. Using one Canon Speedlite and Alison's studio space where she does her own photographing of furniture to be sold online, I was able to create high low key images. With these images I broke the rules a bit doing a nontraditional lighting setup. In doing this, the result was a more visually desirable set of photos with a bit more contrast than the typical high key image. Working with Alison was such an awesome experience.  Her showroom features a wide variety of one of a kind antique pieces from designers such as Harvey Probber, Vladimir Kagan, and Ralph Lauren.  I am looking forward to working with her again on other projects in the future. 

A Cut Above The Rest

The highlight of March 2016 was getting back into the studio. I had the chance to work with Hoffman Blacksmithing, a company run by Liam Hoffman, a very talented 19 year old out of North Carolina who is changing the standard when it comes to blacksmithing. Liam's hand-forged kitchen knives have full steel blades that run the length of the handle. The steel is sandwiched between exotic, hand-carved, wood handles. The rivets that hold the handle in place are extraordinary alone; solid and flush to the wood, there is no chance this blade will ever dislodge from the handle.

Returning to the studio after being away for ten months I found it challenging to get back into my usual perfectionist attitude. After arranging my first set, that feeling slowly faded and I had tunnel vision once again; it was great to be back in the zone. I had two days to photograph three of Liam's knives (plenty of time). I used the first day in the studio as a bit of a warm up. By day two, I had the shots I wanted. All that was left to do was edit...

"You Should Blog..."

I am often told I should blog, so this is me trying it out for the first time. Since graduating photography school in June 2015, I've been working as the photographer/sales associate at a mid century modern furniture store. For those of you that don't know what the heck that is, it's more or less 60's-70's style furniture with class and great lines. Being an interior photographer at heart, I am more than excited to share space with classic designs that shaped an era; and continue to have influence on designs of today. Pick up any of the big magazines; Dwell, Luxe, and even Connecticut Cottages and Gardens, and I can guarantee you will see MCM design elements and influences. I am just dipping my toes in the world of design, studying what is hot and what is not. That being said I've had the pleasure of photographing furniture with names like Knoll, Robsjohn Gibbings, John Widdicomb, Milo Baughman, and Hans Wegner. Having the chance to photograph these iconic designs has made me realize how essential it is to capture the room in a way that also flatters the furniture. Before photographing furniture daily, I was much less aware of how to make a piece look good as part of an interior photo. I am eager to see where this position will take me, as I start to make connections with people in the interior design and architecture field.